Each of these recommended walking tracks offers a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and outdoor adventure.

From coastal strolls to heritage-rich circuits, these trails promise an enriching experience for avid walkers and casual explorers alike. Lace-up your shoes and explore the diverse landscapes in the Georges River catchment.

Botany Bay foreshore

Botany Bay Foreshore walk

Discover the scenic wonders of Bayside as you wander any part of the 8 km Botany Bay Foreshore walk. It’s one of the most popular walks in the Bayside Council area. Commencing at Kyeemagh near General Holmes Drive, this picturesque trail winds along the enchanting Botany Bay foreshore, guiding walkers past lively Brighton-Le-Sands to the iconic Captain Cook Bridge at Dolls Point in the south. 

The route is popular, buzzing with fellow walkers as well as cyclists on some shared-path sections, enjoying the sea views. Don’t miss the chance to explore seaside cafes in Brighton-Le-Sands, Ramsgate, and Sans Souci.

Walk to Freres Crossing

Freres Crossing in Campbelltown

Discover the gorgeous Freres Crossing in Campbelltown, nestled within the Georges River Corridor. Immerse yourself in the 1 km unsealed walking trail tracing the historic Old Coach Road, a pathway steeped in history dating back to 1917. Spot the local wildlife, including parrots, possums, wallabies, water skinks, and water dragons. 

The Gymea lilies add to the scenic charm, and in winter there are plenty of native wildflowers. The good news is that you can also enjoy other outdoor activities like canoeing and fishing there too. It’s also a dog-friendly environment. Freres Crossing is a beautiful way to spend your weekend. Learn more.

Spoonbills at Yeramba lagoon
Spoonbills at Yeramba lagoon
Yeramba Lagoon 2024

Yeramba Lagoon loop track

The serene Georges River National Park is where nature enthusiasts and bird watchers revel in the Yeramba Lagoon loop track. Spanning 1.8 km, this short yet invigorating walk immerses you in diverse bushland with grassy woodlands and saltwater wetlands. 

While graded as Level 4 in difficulty, it’s worth the effort. As you traverse the trail, keep your binoculars handy and consult a bird identification book, for the lagoon is a vital habitat hosting around 100 bird species. Look out for kookaburras, crimson rosellas, rainbow lorikeets, white-faced herons, and royal spoonbills. 

There’s so much to appreciate along the way, from orchids and banksia flowers to long-necked turtles and blue tongue lizards. Once you’re ready to rest, check out the Fitzpatrick Park or Burrawang Reach picnic areas. Discover the details here.

Chipping Norton Liverpool
Chipping Norton walks
Chipping Norton walks

Chipping Norton Lakes

Chipping Norton Lakes offers family-friendly walks around the scenic shores of Chipping Norton Lake. All walks on the Northern side are in the Fairfield City Council area and provide serene trails with greenery and water views. The parklands on the Southern (Liverpool) side of the lakes feature well-maintained cycleways, BBQ spots, and picturesque picnic areas. 

On either side, birdwatchers can delight in spotting over 50 bird species, including purple swamphens, pelicans, and Pacific black ducks. Explore the lakeside walkways, relishing the tranquillity, scenic beauty, and diverse birdlife of this recreational haven. See what it’s all about.

Swimming enclosure at Oatley Park
Swimming enclosure at Oatley Park
Castle at Oatley Park

Oatley bushland and wetlands walks

Oatley offers a few diverse walking tracks. The Headland Track (Grade 2), a brisk 40-minute stroll covering 1.3 km, showcases natural bushland. Begin your exploration from the car park south of the Castle, descend towards the water, and loop around the headland for a picturesque experience. 

For a scenic circuit lasting about 50 minutes, the Lime Kiln Bay Wetlands Walk introduces constructed wetlands, a mangrove boardwalk, and wooded slopes, offering a delightful blend of nature and solitude. 

Extend your adventure with the Lime Kiln Bay to Glenlee Circuit Walk, a 7 km, 2-3 hour journey encompassing Lime Kiln Bay, Peakhurst Heights, Glenlee, and Lower Gannons Park with its innovative Stormwater Harvesting Project. Oatley Park Bushland Circuit at the Douglas Haig Entrance offers a 4 km exploration through bushland and is about a 1.5-hour excursion. See more on these walks here.

Bellbird Walking Track

Bellbird Walking Track

Explore the Bellbird Walking Track, a 1.6km retreat in southwestern Sydney’s Leacock Regional Park in the Liverpool area. True to its name, the track echoes with the calls of bell miners and the tunes of whipbirds, creating an atmosphere akin to a rainforest. 

Popular with locals for both its scenic appeal and as a convenient route to Casula station, this straightforward walk provides a refreshing escape under the green canopy. Spot local wildlife along the way, and after your stroll, grab a coffee at The Powerhouse Café within the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre to cap off your nature experience. For visitor info, come this way.

Upstream from Maddens Falls
Upstream from Maddens Falls
Maddens Falls
Maddens Falls

Maddens Falls lookout

Experience Maddens Falls lookout near Helensburgh, which offers families a tranquil retreat into nature. 

The easy 750m Maddens Falls walk delivers stunning views of the waterfall cascading from Maddens Creek to serene pools below. Perfect for families, the trail invites exploration of diverse birdlife including honeyeaters and golden whistlers, accompanied by the gentle calls of tree frogs. 

The vegetation featuring colourful acacias is especially vibrant in Spring or April. A fun family activity is trying to spot the rare fern-leaf grevillea. 

It’s quite unique with red ‘toothbrush-like’ flowers– a real Australian beauty. After your walking adventure, relax and enjoy a picnic. Check it out.

Como Pleasure Grounds
Como Pleasure Grounds
Como Heritage Walking track over the Georges River

Como Heritage and Environment Trail

Discover Como’s vibrant history on the Como Heritage and Environment Trail, a 4.2 km local circuit navigating streets and bushland. Uncover the lesser-known stories intertwined with well-known historical features like Como Pleasure Grounds, Rail Bridge, Como Hotel, Scylla Bay Oval, and indigenous narratives from the Dharawal nation. 

With endorsements from La Perouse and Gandangara Local Land Councils, these stories have withstood the test of time. The trail also features local flora and fauna in Paruna Reserve, adding a touch of natural sightseeing to the journey. 

Prepare for a 2½-3½ hour exploration, wear suitable attire, and respect residential areas along this enriching heritage walk. Watch a virtual tour and learn more here.

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