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As part of our ‘Catchment to Coast’ Coastal Management Program we are undertaking a transparent process with our communities to develop a strategic plan to help us proactively manage the risk of coastal hazards, both now and into the future (to 2100). The Coastal Management Program enables us to be better prepared to reduce the impacts of coastal hazards on our communities, environment, cultural values, infrastructure, liveability and services.

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Under the new Coastal Management Act 2016 the Georges River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan is transitioning into a broader Coastal Management Program, providing an opportunity to access State Government agencies technical and financial support to identify and deliver priority actions on the ground.

A Coastal Management Program, or CMP is a long term strategy for managing the coastal zone which takes into account historical events, current conditions, and future trends including population growth, environmental conditions, and climate change.

CMP development is a 5 stage process beginning with a scoping study. The scoping stage involves collecting and reviewing existing information, identifying key stakeholders and mapping future engagement, determining knowledge gaps and identifying any studies that are needed, and developing a forward plan. Once the scope of the CMP is determined, knowledge gaps can be filled, and management actions and outcomes can be targeted in line with community values. 

Georges Riverkeeper has engaged Alluvium, a specialised catchment to coast consulting group to under take Stage 1, the scoping study, as the initial step for the preparation of the Georges River Coastal Management Program. The diagram below outlines the 5 stages of the process.

The project stages in developing a Coastal Management Program