The Coastal Management Program is taking a catchment to coast approach in an effort to incorporate the entire coastal system. From the freshwater tributaries in the upper catchment, through the Georges River estuary, and to the shores and waters of Botany Bay, our study area consists of diverse communities, unique challenges, and numerous opportunities. At the end of the day, we must all work together to protect and enhance our beautiful river.

Under the new Coastal Management Act 2016 the Georges River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan is transitioning into a broader Coastal Management Program (CMP), providing an opportunity to access State Government agencies' technical and financial support to identify and deliver priority actions on the ground.

A Coastal Management Program, or CMP is a long-term strategy for managing the coastal zone which takes into account historical events, current conditions, and future trends including population growth, environmental conditions, and climate change.

The CMP will identify coastal management issues and the actions required to address these issues in a strategic and integrated way. It will also detail how and when those actions are to be implemented, their costs, and funding mechanisms.

CMP development is a 5 stage process (as the diagram below outlines).

Stage 1 update: Scoping Study

The scoping stage involved collecting and reviewing existing information, identifying key stakeholders and mapping future engagement, determining knowledge gaps, identifying studies that are needed, and developing a forward plan.

What's next? Stage 2

This next phase focuses on determining risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities.