Indigenous knowledge about Georges River seasons

D'harawal seasons and climatic cycles on the Georges River.


The history of oyster farming in the Georges River. The health of an oyster is closely related to the quality of the water in which is grows.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

What is Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)? In urban areas, where not much natural environment remains, it is possible to restore some of the beneficial features of the natural water cycle, including slowing down and filtering water before it enters natural waterways, using Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Flooding of the Georges River

Georges River is due for another large flood. The last 1 in 20 year flood of the Georges River occurred in 1988 and caused severe damage. The Georges River is considered one of the most severely flood-prone rivers in NSW.

Preventing pollution in the Georges River

Water pollution causes major damage to the Georges River. It harms native biodiversity as well as limits our enjoyment of river activities such as fishing and swimming. What is being done about reducing pollution in the Georges River?