Georges River pollution

While plastic pollution is the most visible, most of the pollution enters through stormwater. Sewage leaks and overflows as well as mining activities also cause pollution. There are also a great variety of organic and inorganic contaminants polluting the river.

Recreational fishing in the Georges River

Fishing is very popular on the Georges River. Find out more about what fish you can catch in the river, where to fish, and new advice on how much of each fish type you can eat.

Safe swimming in the Georges River

What are the health risks and best places to swim in the Georges River? Find out answers to these questions and information on swimming in the Georges River.

Rehabilitation of the Oyster Creek Gully habitat corridor

Georges Riverkeeper has successfully secured a NSW Environment Trust grant to improve ecosystem and environmental assets within Oyster Creek Gully habitat corridor, located in Jannali and Kirrawee.

Simmos Beach Restoration Grant

Grant program to improve Critically Endangered Shale Sandstone Transition Forest in Simmos Beach Reserve and its urban headwaters in Macquarie Fields