Here you can find resources related to the river

Georges Riverkeeper and other organisations have developed a range of resources to provide information about natural resources along the river and their management. Resources include education modules, factsheets, technical reports, scientific papers and Management Plans.

Georges Riverkeeper Annual Report 2018/19

Georges Riverkeeper Annual Report 2018/19.

Fact Sheet
Mosquitoes around the Georges River

Mosquitoes can form large swarms at certain times of the year in the suburbs around the Georges… More

Georges Riverkeeper Strategic Plan 2018-2022

The Strategic Plan sets out the direction that the Georges Riverkeeper will take over the four… More

Simmos Beach Community Planting 23 November

Flyer promoting the Simmos Beach Community Planting on 23 November, 2019.

Georges Riverkeeper Submission - Feedback on Coast and Estuary Grants Program - October 2019

Feedback on the NSW Government's Coast and Estuary Grants Program. Georges Riverkeeper has four… More