Georges Riverkeeper, in partnership with Campbelltown City Council, has successfully completed a three-year project to improve Critically Endangered Shale Sandstone Transition Forest in Simmos Beach Reserve and its urban headwaters in Macquarie Fields. The project received $51,200 in grant funding through the NSW Environmental Trust Restoration and Rehabilitation grants program.

landscape showing large trees and greenery and sandstone
View of the Georges River from near the Simmos Beach restoration site

This area is home to two Endangered Ecological Communities, one Vulnerable Ecological Community, four threatened plant species (Sydney Plains Greenhood Orchid, Nodding Geebung, Small-flower Grevillea, Hibbertia puberula) and four threatened animals (koala, Cumberland Plain land snail, little lorikeet and grey-headed flying-fox).

Engineering works removed sediment build up from the stream and this, paired with removing dense weed infestation and the rehabilitation (over 4.14 hectares) of the stream (which is 876 metres long) and the surrounding area, will, with natural regeneration and plantings, result in the restoration of the natural stream flow and the natural habitat to ensure the natural ecosystem as a whole is restored.

This project is funded through the NSW Environmental Trust Restoration and Rehabilitation grants program.