Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Georges Riverkeeper clears more than 47,000 kilograms of river rubbish in 2021-2022

Georges Riverkeeper litter removed in 21/22 graphic

In the last financial year (from July 2021 to June 2022), over 47,000 kilograms of litter have been removed from the catchment during 1,364 clean ups, by people putting in over 9,657 hours in total as part of Georges Riverkeeper’s Catchment Actions Program partnership with NSW Department of Justice Corrective Services which removes litter from the catchment before it enters the river.

Litter on the Georges River at Kogarah Bay 2022

Over 1,405,000 kilograms of litter pollution has been removed from the Georges River catchment since 2007.

The amount removed during the last financial year (2021/22) was less than previous financial years due to the extensive rainfall, continuous wet weather experienced in Sydney in 2022 and the COVID-19 lockdowns all hindering the clean-up efforts in the Georges River catchment. People across the catchment may also be littering less resulting in reduced quantities collected.

Wondering how much litter we've removed from your Local Government Area (LGA) in this last financial year? Read on for a summary of amounts removed, sites visited, and hours worked for each of the Georges Riverkeeper’s Member Councils from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

Litter removed from Bayside LGA graphic

Bayside Council area:

  • 3,993 kilograms litter removed
  • 848 volunteer hours worked
  • 97 sites cleaned up
Litter removed from Canterbury Bankstown LGA

City of Canterbury Bankstown areas:

  • 7,156 kilograms litter removed
  • 1,776 volunteer hours worked
  • 290 sites cleaned up
Litter removed Campbelltown LGA

Campbelltown City Council areas:

  • 4,590 kilograms litter removed
  • 1,466 volunteer hours worked
  • 215 sites cleaned up
Litter removed in Fairfield LGA in 21/22

Fairfield City Council areas:

  • 9,608 kilograms litter removed
  • 1,571 volunteer hours worked
  • 249 sites cleaned up
Litter removed in Georges River Council LGA Georges River City Council areas in 21/22

Georges River City Council areas:

  • 3,513 kilograms litter removed
  • 919 volunteer hours worked
  • 160 sites cleaned up
Litter removed in Liverpool LGA in 21/22

Liverpool City Council areas:

  • 13,743 kilograms litter removed
  • 1,686 volunteer hours worked
  • 216 sites cleaned up
Litter removed in Sutherland Shire LGA in 21/22

Sutherland Shire Council areas:

  • 2,720 kilograms litter removed
  • 1,039 volunteer hours worked
  • 98 sites cleaned up
Litter removed in National Park areas in 21/22

National Parks and Wildlife Service areas:

  • 2,041 kilograms litter removed
  • 352 volunteer hours worked
  • 39 sites cleaned up

To read more about Georges Riverkeeper’s positive impact, read the Annual Report 2021/22.