Plastics tops the list of most common rubbish items found in Georges River

Plastics found at Heron Park #SeaToSource clean up Conservation Volunteers Australia

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) has just released a summary of the litter data they have collected for the Georges River as part of the #SeaToSource project in 2020.

It’s very interesting to see the breakdown of litter, and perhaps not very surprising that plastic is the dominant material found (93%).

Over 6,160 items of litter have been counted. The top ten most common items were:

  • Hard plastics fragments
  • Plastic lids and tops
  • Soft plastic film remnants
  • Foam insulation and packaging
  • Plastic food packaging
  • Foam cups, food packs and trays
  • Plastic utensils
  • Fishing line
  • Non-food plastic wrap
  • Sanitary items

The #SeaToSource project is a three-year project, and community clean ups and litter audits are continuing this year.

The next clean up event is at Poulton Creek Wetlands on Thursday 25 March, 2021, from 10 am - 2 pm. Everyone is welcome.

To find out where and when future #SeaToSource Georges River clean ups are happening, search for NSW events on CVA's website.

Sea To Source is supported by the Australian Government under the Environment Restoration Fund.

2020 Summary data from CVA #SeaToSource project shows 93% of rubbish in the Georges River is plastic
2020 Summary data from CVA #SeaToSource project
Conservation Volunteers Australia

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