Please don't thank us! REFUSE plastic!

Ocean Crusaders on the Georges River with Georges Riverkeeper using heavy equipment to remove rubbish and debris
Ocean Crusaders using heavy machinery to remove rubbish

It's been extremely soggy recently on the Georges River, but that didn’t stop Ocean Crusaders from getting out and tackling some of the plastic debris polluting the river.

With funding assistance from Georges Riverkeeper, City Canterbury Bankstown, Liverpool City Council, and Fairfield City Council, Ocean Crusaders undertook four massive days of hardcore cleaning along the river. A big thanks to the volunteers that braved the weather to come out to assist.

Thankfully, the challenging conditions were no match for the ‘Salter', Ocean Crusaders' custom-built cleaning vessel. Around six boatloads of debris consisting of large items including tyres, shopping trolleys, fridges, 40+ milk crates, and 11 bulk bags of litter containing bottles, wrappers and Styrofoam were removed.

While lots and lots of rubbish was removed, sadly there is still lots more out there. And, after all that rain, there are literally islands of rubbish floating down towards the ocean. You can do your bit to stop plastic pollution entering our waterway by refusing single-use plastic items, disposing of your rubbish thoughtfully, and writing to your local Member of Parliament to voice your concerns. As Ocean Crusaders say: "Please don't thank us, join us and change your ways. REFUSE plastic. Tell others to REFUSE plastic too."

Georges River Paddle Against Plastic on 17 April 2021

Bring your kayak, SUP or canoe, and help Georges Riverkeeper to clean up the Georges River. This family-friendly Clean Up Australia event will remove the rubbish to make it nicer for everyone to enjoy and safer for the animals that call it home. Don't have a paddle craft? Hire one on the day for a small fee or join the walkers cleaning up the river bank. To pre-register and book a craft, simply choose the ticket that refers to what you need, and we will see you on the day. Bookings essential. Book now!

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