Prospect Creek update

Fish Habitat Action Grant site photo March 2022 shows treatment is working to kill the weeds as balloon vine is now brown
Fish Habitat Action Grant site photo March 2022

Everyone with a lawn will understand how quickly plants are growing at the moment and weeds are no exception. Despite this, the contractors at Prospect Creek Fish Habitat Action Grant site during March have done a great job at treating the invasive balloon vine between rainy days. The entire site has now had a primary treatment with secondary treatments underway. Unexpectedly, recent flooding seems to have knocked around the re-sprouting Balloon Vine with new leaves wilting under a layer of fine silt; time will tell if this has been an effective natural control method. Shortly, a number of plants including Blue Box (Eucalyptus baueriana) will be installed into canopy gaps in the riparian area.
This Project has been assisted by the NSW DPI Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s “Habitat Action Grant Program”.

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