Monday, September 26, 2022

Prospect Creek weed control completion

View of Prospect Creek, Sept. 2022
View of Prospect Creek

Weed control works at Prospect Creek are going very well with contractors expected to finish treating the Balloon Vine during October 2022.

The contractors have done a thorough job over the year treating this invasive, climbing weed that smothers canopy species like Casuarinas. A number of methods, including ‘skirting’ of the larger climbing plants, and scraping and painting the stems that lead to the roots, spraying a selective herbicide for ground layer weeds in areas away from the creek, and hand removing the smaller individuals, have been used to treat the weeds.

We are seeing some big changes in the condition of the riparian area, which will be evident in the ‘before and after’ monitoring photos.

To complete the Habitat Action Grant which is funded through recreational fishing licence fees, Rob Dixon from Georges Riverkeeper will be presenting to one of the local fishing clubs to advise them of the project and highlighting the importance of looking after fish habitat, as well as the many ways anglers can assist in protecting it. 

Preventing boat wake along erodible foreshores, avoiding seagrass when driving and mooring, ensuring no aquatic weeds are spread throughout river catchments, and washing cars and boats on the grass to keep surfactants out of the river are some of the easy steps anglers can take to protect fish habitat and fish stocks. 

This Project has been assisted by the NSW DPI Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s “Habitat Action Grant Program”.