Friday, December 3, 2021

Riparian improvements along Prospect Creek

Balloon vine at Prospect Creek November 2021

The works along Prospect Creek as part of a DPI Fish Habitat Action Grant are now in full swing. City of Canterbury Bankstown contractors have been treating Balloon Vine and other climbing weeds along the 3 km riparian corridor in Georges Hall and Lansdowne. Despite rainy conditions, contractors have managed to skirt the climbing vines out of important riparian canopy trees and are about to treat what remains in the ground layer with a selective herbicide. This will ensure other, non-target species remain in-tact and help prevent erosion. This month, the contractors will be keeping an eye out for fruiting blue box (Eucalyptus baueriana) for seed collection and propagation. Georges Riverkeeper is in the process of gathering information to install some interpretive signage in the area to keep residents informed about the project.

This Project has been assisted by the NSW DPI Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s “Habitat Action Grant Program”.