Scoping complete

Georges river - Mangroves

Georges River Catchment Coastal Management Program (CMP) Scoping Study is complete.

The scoping study is Stage 1 of the development of the CMP which is a long-term strategy for managing the coastal zone which takes into account historical events, current conditions, and future trends including population growth, environmental conditions, and climate change.

The scoping study:
• Identifes the community and stakeholders and prepare an engagement strategy
• Determines the strategic context of coastal management
• Establishes the purpose, vision, and objectives
• Determines the key coastal management issues and the spatial extent of management areas
• Reviews current coastal management arrangements
• Establishes roles, responsibilities, and governance
• Determines where action is required through a first-pass risk assessment
• Identifies knowledge gaps and information needs
• Prepares a preliminary business case for the CMP
• Determines whether a planning proposal will be prepared to amend coastal management area maps and the Local Environmental Plan
• Develops a forward program for subsequent stages of the coastal management program, including a fast-tracking pathway.

Read the Georges River CMP Scoping Study Final Report and Georges River CMP Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.

Read more about the project here.



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