Tackling litter on the river

Litter hot spot at Saltpan Creek
Litter hotspot at Saltpan Creek

Armed with new sets of gumboots, Georges Riverkeeper and a team from Corrective Services managed to remove over 30 polystyrene waffle pods from a wetland only 500m from the river. The next site to be targeted is a hotspot for bottles and floating rubbish near Saltpan Creek.

Towing a large block of Styrofoam to shore on the Georges River
Towing a large block of Styrofoam to shore

Georges Riverkeeper also successfully removed a huge block of Styrofoam, the remnants of an old pontoon, that was floating in the river. It was safely disposed of, with the help of National Parks & Wildlife Service, before it had a chance to break up and spread to every nook and cranny in the river.


Collecting Clean Up Australia Day waste
Collecting Clean Up Australia Day waste

In addition to this, Georges Riverkeeper was on hand to help with the Clean Up Australia Day event held at the Simmos Beach grant site in Macquarie Fields with Campbelltown City Council and assisted in removing some of the bags along the Georges River from other Clean Up Australia events in member councils' areas. Thank you to everyone who helped out at community, school, and council Clean Up Australia Day events across the catchment.

Ocean Crusaders March 2021 rubbish removal on the Georges River
Ocean Crusaders on the Georges River, March 2021

Finally, even though the Paddle Against Plastic event had to be rescheduled for next month, the rain didn't deter Ocean Crusaders from helping us to remove loads of rubbish from the river as part of what we call 'hardcore cleaning days'.

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