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We've recieved an abundance of emails about different webinars that are happening. Here's a list of what's coming up. All of the webinars are free, except for the mosquito management plan webinar from Sydney Olympic Park Authority. We hope you find this helpful.


Stormwater NSW - Integrated Urban Water Cycle Management Webinar

This webinar will focus on the need to reframe stormwater drainage as integrated management of the urban water cycle from a design, economic and policy perspective. This approach is in line with the Runoff in Urban Areas, Book 9 in Australian Rainfall & Runoff (2019), co-authored by Peter Coombes. Sylvie Spraakman will share the outcome of her PhD research on the performance of ‘mature bioretention’ in integrated urban water cycle management and her findings of recent investigations into the long-term hyperformance of Canadian bioretention cells.

29 March 2021, 12:30 pm



Sydney Water and Parramatta River Catchment Group - A blue-green grid for improved waterway health

Considers the application of a new framework for classifying waterways and mapping riparian zones for land use planning purposes.

30 March 2021, 1 pm to 1:30 pm



CRCWSC Free webinars at DPIE Connects

Practising integrated urban and water planning: Insights and principles from research and case studies across Australian Cities

31 March 2021, 12 pm to 1 pm



CRCWSC Free webinars at DPIE Connects

Integrated modelling of water sensitive precincts and cities

7 April  2021, 12 pm to 1 pm



Online Event: Practical Case Studies: minimising mosquito risks around wetlands and urban landscapes

To provide you with nearly real-life experiences, we will hook you online with mosquito expert, Associate Prof Cameron Webb. In this 4hr session you will hear from him about handling mosquito situations that are otherwise hard to explain.

22 April 2021, 9 am to 1 pm *note this is $173.80



Webinar – WSUD asset management requirements for new development – legislation, development and compliancehttps://stormwaternsw.asn.au/events/upcoming-events/

In 2012, Blacktown City Council established a Water Sensitive Urban Design Compliance Program. A first of its kind in Australia, the Program aims to increase compliance with legal requirements for the management of privately-owned water sensitive urban design assets in the Council area. This webinar will provide an overview of the Program as well as a project that seeks to improve its capacity to increase compliance with legal requirements. It may offer important insights for local authorities in New South Wales and Queensland seeking to establish their own compliance programs and initiatives.

6 May 2021, 1 pm



FREE Webinar: Integrating traditional knowledge into ecological frameworks

This webinar will be the 15th session run by the Sydney Wetland Institute (SWI). This is a forum to acknowledge the values and contributions that traditional knowledge offers to solving our ecological problems of today and tomorrow. A successful marriage between tradition and technology is the way forward, also in the context of handling climate change issues.

18 May 2021, 3 pm to 4 pm


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