Want to whet your students’ appetite to learn about water?

Water WOW!

Are you a teacher looking for fun way to teach kids about water? We’ve got some great FREE resources for Stage 3 educators, including NEW topic starters to make lesson planning easy.

Our ‘Water WOW’ education modules have lots of information for teachers and students about water in the Georges River catchment in southern Sydney, and more generally, in Australia.

They are aligned with the curriculum for science and geography studies and cover facts for kids about drinking water, water uses, the water cycle, water pollution, water conservation, rainfall, drought, floods, aquatic food webs, how to measure water conditions using waterbugs, and much more.

There are ten modules and ten topic starters. Topic starters are an easy jumping off point to explore key water topics with students. Each one focuses on a key inquiry question. They have been developed in collaboration with Georges River Environmental Education Centre and are full of local facts, educational links and interesting activities you can plan a lesson around.

Water is essential for life, but we often take it for granted. Help everyone learn to appreciate water!

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