How to report a problem on the Georges River

Report an incident or problem that could affect the health of the river or people using the river.

Someone is drowning Call 000
Flood or storm emergencies Call NSW SES on 132 500

Water coming out of a drain is not clear (it looks or smells polluted or toxic) and presents an immediate threat to human health or property. Report it immediately to emergency services. As first responders, Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Police and the NSW Ambulance Service are responsible for controlling and containing incidents

Call 000 and ask for Fire
Large oil spill in the river Call 000
Rubbish on the river. Pick it up and put it in a bin. If there’s a large amount of rubbish or it’s dangerous rubbish, such as needles or sharp objects, report it but don’t touch it Call EPA on 131 555
Dead fish or animals are in the river Call EPA on 131 555
If you see a building site with poor sediment and erosion controls (e.g. collapsed sediment fences, uncovered sand, and sediments entering the street or drain) Call your local council
You witness littering from a vehicle Report to EPA
Roadside rubbish on major roads and highways Call NSW RMS on 131700
Roadside rubbish on local roads Call your local council
Small amounts (under two trailer loads) of illegally dumped waste Call your local council
Large amounts (over two trailer loads) of illegally dumped waste Call EPA on 131 555
You see some sort of chemical, such as fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides being poured into a stormwater drain Call EPA on 131 555
Sewer overflows or sewage smell Call Sydney Water on 132 090
Pollution appears to be coming from a vessel on the water Call NSW RMS on 131 256
Suspected illegal vegetation clearance Call OEH on 131 555
Chemical spills Contact EPA
Call 000
Sewage overflows Contact Sydney Water
Boat accidents or waterway incidents Call 000
Contact Roads and Maritime Services
Pollution from a vessel Contact Roads and Maritime Services