Georges River CMP Scoping Study Final Report


Georges Riverkeeper, on behalf of its eight member councils, is coordinating the development of a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for the Georges River estuary including the catchments and coastal zone of the Georges River.

The Scoping Study is the first stage in the development of a CMP. The Scoping Study assists member councils to (OEH, 2018):
• Identify the community and stakeholders and prepare an engagement strategy
• Determine the strategic context of coastal management
• Establish the purpose, vision, and objectives
• Determine the key coastal management issues and the spatial extent of management areas
• Review current coastal management arrangements
• Establish roles, responsibilities, and governance
• Determine where action is required through a first-pass risk assessment1
• Identify knowledge gaps and information needs
• Prepare a preliminary business case for the CMP
• Determine whether a planning proposal will be prepared to amend coastal management area maps and the Local Environmental Plan
• Develop a forward program for subsequent stages of the coastal management program, including a fast-tracking pathway2.

This document is the Scoping Study for the Georges River CMP. The Scoping Study establishes the program of work to be completed for the CMP and is completed in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Government Coastal Management Manual (OEH, 2018), and with regard to the Coastal Management Act 2016 and Coastal Management State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) 2018.