Georges River Report Card 2021-2022


The Georges River Report Card 2021-2022 presents the findings of 12 months of data collection based on monitoring that has taken place across the Georges River catchment, in both freshwater creeks and the Georges River estuary which feeds into Botany Bay.

River health indicators are assessed against environmental guidelines allowing the award of a grade between A+ and F-. A+ is an ‘Excellent’ grade, A to B+ is a ‘Good’ grade, B to C- is a ‘Fair’ grade, and D+ to F- is a ‘Poor’ grade.

The three main indicators that help determine the grade for freshwater tributaries are: riparian (riverside) vegetation, water quality and freshwater macroinvertebrates. Grades in the main estuary are determined by the assessment of water quality only.

Grading is calculated for each subcatchment of the Georges River catchment. 

Georges Riverkeeper has compared the ecological condition of waterways across the Georges River catchment since 2009.