Riverkeeper Aboriginal Engagement Case Study - August 2017


Purpose of this case study:

This case study has been developed by Eco Logical Australia (ELA) on behalf of the Georges River Combined Councils Committee Inc. (GRCCC) to review Aboriginal engagement processes in the Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team project. It includes contributions from Aboriginal and non-Indigenous project partners and participants, such as the Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council (GLALC), Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council (MLALC), an Aboriginal community member and respected Elder, the Northern Sydney Institute (TAFE NSW), the GRCCC and some of its member Councils, Aboriginal trainees, as well as ELA’s project manager. The case study is intended to provide inspiration and guidance to other organisations working toward Aboriginal self-determination.

This report should be cited as ‘Eco Logical Australia 2017. Aboriginal Engagement Case Study - Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team Project. Prepared for George River Combined Councils Committee Inc. (GRCCC).