Here you can find resources related to the river

Georges Riverkeeper and other organisations have developed a range of resources to provide information about natural resources along the river and their management. Resources include education modules, factsheets, technical reports, scientific papers and Management Plans.

ANZECC Water Quality Guidelines - 2006 - NSW Department of Environment and Conservation

The Australian and New Zealand Environment Conservation Council (ANZECC) published the revised… More

Reviewing and restoring fish passage in urbanised waterways, Sydney Catchments - 2005 - Report to SMCMA

The following report outlines the results of a project entitled “Reviewing and Restoring Fish… More

The Great Kai Mia Feasibility Study

Executive Summary

The Great Kai’mia Way is over 200 kilometres of sustainable access… More

Regional Environmental Plan Georges River Catchment

– Department of Urban Affairs and Planning

The Georges River Catchment… More

Research Paper
Have We Forgotten About Flooding on the Georges River - 2001 Abstract - Floodplain Management Authorities Conference

Flooding on the Georges River was once the subject of intense scrutiny. Much money was invested… More

Independent Inquiry into Georges River - Botany bay System 2001 - Final Report

In finalising this Georges River - Botany Bay Inquiry, the Commission has completed the picture… More