Water is essential for life, but we often take it for granted. Everyone should learn to appreciate water!

Georges Riverkeeper Stage 3 Education Modules provide students with theoretical and practical learning about water and waterways. 

Educators can use each module in isolation or in sequence. 

A Topic Starter for Teachers, focused on a key inquiry question, aligned with the Stage 3 curriculum, is provided for each module.

Modules cover many important topics, with the material explicitly linked to the NSW primary school syllabus. Some information is specific to the Georges River catchment, in southern Sydney, but most of the information is applicable in other regions.

Teacher Background at the beginning of each Module provides educators with an overview of useful information for the Module and a quick guide to which syllabus outcomes are covered (i.e. Drama, English, Geography, Maths and/or Science), and whether the activities in the Module are based inside or outside. At the end of each Module, ‘playground facts’ are provided to present to students to reinforce key concepts from the module.

Separate Topic Starters have been created for each module. These are a jumping off point for Teachers to begin exploring one inquiry question related to the topic with students. They have been created in cooperation with the Georges River Environmental Education Centre.

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Stage 3

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