Best practice environmental management for a liveable urban river

Georges Riverkeeper’s role is to work with our eight member councils to look after the Georges River by undertaking activities within five main Programs to guide best practice management to protect natural resources and improve liveability along the Georges River. Georges Riverkeeper is one of Australia’s longest serving catchment management groups, having been in operation since 1979.

Our Organisation

Georges River Combined Councils’ Committee Incorporated is an independent and non-for-profit organisation governed by the Georges Riverkeeper Executive Group, who is elected annually and meet monthly. 

Catchment Actions Programs

Georges Riverkeeper’s Catchment Action Program seeks to protect and improve the liveability of the Georges River by improving amenity, aesthetics, biodiversity and ecosystem functions of the Georges River.

Education & Capacity Building Program

Georges Riverkeeper’s Education and Capacity Building Program develops and delivers information to foster a shared understanding of the issues and solutions for best practice management of urban waterways.

Research Program

Georges Riverkeeper’s Research Program works with our academic partners on studies to aid evidence-based best practice management of urban waterways. A key focus of the Program is increasing the links between policy, management and research.

River Health Monitoring Program

Georges Riverkeeper’s River Health Monitoring Program collects environmental data to guide waterway management and inform the community about the condition of waterways across the catchment.

Stormwater Program

Georges Riverkeeper’s Stormwater Program develops materials and events to improve stormwater management across the catchment, in recognition that stormwater from hardened urban landscapes is the main source of problems detrimentally effecting the Georges River.