Protecting and improving the liveability of the Georges River

Georges River – Catchment Action ProgramThe goal of Georges Riverkeeper’s Catchment Action Program is to protect and improve the liveability of the Georges River by improving amenity, aesthetics, biodiversity and ecosystem functions of the Georges River.

Specifically, the program aims to:

  • reduce the volume of litter within the Georges River system, and 
  • protect and enhance natural resources along the Georges River through bush rehabilitation practices.  

Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team

Georges Riverkeeper received funding from the Australian Government for the Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team to help restore high priority bushland and establish ecological connectivity across 150 hectares of the catchment.

Bush regeneration

Georges Riverkeeper works with member councils to identify appropriate sites and develop and implement an on-ground works plan. Council is generally responsible for the maintenance of the site post-grant and the site is included in their bush maintenance programs.

Litter removal

Each year more than 100 TONNES of rubbish is removed from the river and surrounding parklands, consisting mostly of bottles, plastics and illegally dumped items.