Fishing on the Georges River

There are plenty of great fishing spots in the river accessible from jetties, riverside reserves or boats. Read our 'Fishing in the Georges River' factsheet for information on great spots to fish and restricted areas.

Fishing requires a recreational licence. You can apply for one online or buy from a registered agency.

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    • No fishing – all methods including bait digging
    • No traps and no eating fish
    • No nets or traps. Line fishing with hand held line only and the landing net.
    • No nets, except for the landing net
    • No bait digging with spade or fork
    • No taking bivalve molluscs (eg pipis and cockles) and whelks
    • No collecting shellfish
    • Opera House nets banned
    • Recreational oyster gathering prohibited
    • The refuge zone - fishing by hook line and with recreational nets permitted. All other fishing methods are prohibited including bait digging and using traps.
    • The santuary zone – is for observation only. Fishing by any method is prohibited. All fishing gear on these waters is prohibited
    • Picnic area
    • Parking area
    • Public toilet
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Please note!

It is not recommended to eat fish caught upstream of Rabaul Road Boat Ramp at Georges Hall or above Henry Lawson Drive on Salt Pan Creek, and there are recommended safe weekly intakes of fish caught downstream of Rabaul Road Boat Ramp

Trap nets such as Opera House nets are banned across the Georges River catchment as Platypus (in the fresh water reaches of the river) can be killed through the use of these nets.

Please dispose of all waste responsibly. Ensure all hooks and lines are taken home with you and will not become a danger to humans or our native fauna, particularly water birds. Ensure loose plastic bags, such as bait bags, don’t end up floating in our waterways causing damage to marine life and water quality.