Boating on the Georges River

All watercrafts, including boats, jet skis and kayaks are allowed on the Georges River. There are plenty of jetties and boat ramps along the Georges River. Our map shows you where to launch.

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Boating safety is top priority – make sure that you check tidal information and weather forecasts before you leave and that all safety equipment is in good order. Always observe speed limits on the river and be aware that there are speed cameras on the river.

The Georges River is home to migratory bird species that travel thousands of kilometres to breed in Botany Bay and the Georges River. Be particularly careful when accessing areas near Towra Point where endangered migratory birds nest. Please do not anchor at any areas that are off limits. Do not disturb sea grasses, a critically sensitive part of our river, crucial for healthy fish breeding and habitat. 

Always ensure that you dispose of rubbish on shore in the appropriate areas and leave nothing behind but your wake.