What can you do to protect the Georges River?

When you are out and about, on or near our waterways, please report any incidents which could affect the health of the river or people using the river and its amenities.

What flows down the gutter ends up in our river.

Washing your car or boat
Do it on your lawn so that detergents and wastewater don’t end up in our waterways.

Get your hands dirty
Join a Council Bushcare Group and help revegetate bush areas that will protect foreshores and provide habitat.

Return and Earn
Register and participate in the NSW Container Deposit Scheme and recycle eligible cans and bottles. 

Reduce your use of plastic generally, but particularly near waterways.  

Report Incidents
If you see something, say something.

Georges Riverkeeper removes over 100 tonnes of litter from along the river each year, but we can’t collect all litter. If you want to organise your own voluntary clean up with your community group, please contact us for supplies and helpful information.

Be waste wise

When it rains, litter and pollutants on our streets gets washed into the river via stormwater drains.


Bushcare volunteers work to restore the natural environment in urban environments

Report a problem

Report an incident or problem that could affect the health of the river or people using the river.