Swimming on the Georges River

The Georges River is one of Sydney's healthiest rivers and there are many safe spots to swim. You can enjoy some beautiful, publicly-accessible swimming spots within the Dharawal National Park, lower Georges River and Botany Bay. Click the map to find swimming spots near you or read more about safe swimming in the Georges River.

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Some of the best swimming spots on the Georges River are at Carss Park Baths, Oatley Bay Baths, Como Baths and Jew Fish Bay Baths.

The best places to swim in Botany Bay are at Kyeemagh Baths, Brighton Le Sands Baths, Monterey Baths, Ramsgate Baths, Dolls Point Baths and Sandringham Baths.

Some precautions to take before you swim:

  • Don't swim near stormwater outlets and drains;
  • Don't swim within a few days of rain, as this washes pollution from roads and gardens into the River;
  • Don't swim if you notice rubbish, or a plume of discoloured water.

In the warmer months, jellyfish can sometimes be found in large numbers in the Georges River. Jellyfish are not dangerous but they can be annoying and cause minor discomfort.

Sharks have been sighted in the Georges River. It’s advisable to swim in enclosures only.

Once upstream of Liverpool Weir, the Georges River turns fresh and neither jellyfish nor sharks are a concern. However, you still need to be aware of stormwater pollution, particularly near urban areas and main roads.