It's crucial that we recognize the importance of improving the Georges River's condition.

As stewards of this remarkable natural resource, it's crucial that we recognize the importance of improving the Georges River's condition. By embracing plastic-free practices while you're having fun along the river, you can minimize your environmental impact.

And who better to guide you in this journey than Wasteman Mick? With his expertise and whimsical approach, Wasteman Mick will share valuable insights and tips on how to enjoy the Georges River while making a positive impact by going plastic-free.

Plastic-free parties and picnics

Get ready to celebrate responsibly along the shores of the Georges River with Wasteman Mick, your eco-conscious party guru. Join Wasteman Mick as he hosts a delightful birthday picnic… and ponders the essential elements of any festive occasion. What do we often find at parties? You guessed it—balloons! But hold on, these pesky rubber inflatables are wreaking havoc on our precious wildlife along the Georges River. Watch as Wasteman Mick demonstrates how easily they can float away and the harmful remnants they leave behind when popped—a rubbery litter that our beloved fish and birds mistake for food. So, this Plastic Free July, if you're celebrating along the Georges River, be a responsible party-goer and leave these pesky party items at home. Together, we can ensure a safer and cleaner environment for all.

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Plastic-free takeaways

Join Wasteman Mick on an exciting fishing adventure along the picturesque Georges River, where the catch of the day might surprise you. Casting his line in hopes of a delicious bite to eat, he quickly finds himself in a tug-of-war with an elusive quarry. Hold on tight! With skill and determination, can he reel it in? And, what does he catch? A soy fish container! Believe it or not, these crafty creatures are everywhere, and once they escape into our waterways, they're nearly impossible to collect. This Plastic Free July, we have a special request for you all. When indulging in tasty takeaway treats and enjoying the scenic splendour of the Georges River, please ensure that none of these sneaky offenders get the chance to escape. Together, we can keep our waterways clean and protect the beauty that surrounds us.

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Plastic-free bushwalking

Embark on a hiking adventure with Wasteman Mick as he uncovers the mischievous "litter bug" along the trails of the Georges River. Watch as Wasteman Mick searches for this notorious rodent that leaves a trail of litter in its wake. Watch closely as we track it down, only to discover that the litter bug is none other than Mick’s evil twin, indulging in individually wrapped chocolates! Litter bugs have a habit of littering the Georges River with plastics. To curb their behaviour, let's take on the challenge of avoiding individually wrapped items this Plastic Free July. Together, we can influence positive change and preserve the beauty of our natural surroundings. Join Georges Riverkeeper and Wasteman Mick on this journey to a cleaner and greener future.

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Plastic-free fishing

Uncover the hidden dangers lurking beneath the surface of the Georges River with Wasteman Mick, your fearless guide to a safer aquatic environment. Join Wasteman Mick as he confronts the menacing Jellyfishinglinus, a treacherous creature that threatens our beloved marine life. Watch as he bravely wrangles a wiry strand of fishing line, a deadly trap for unsuspecting creatures. This perilous monster poses a grave threat to our beautiful wildlife and its sharp hooks can injure unsuspecting people too! If you're out fishing on the Georges River, be vigilant and prevent the release of these invasive critters and dispose of fishing lines and hooks thoughtfully. Remember, every small action counts. Together, we can safeguard our precious ecosystem. Keep watching for more eye-opening adventures with Wasteman Mick.

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Meet the single-use plastic bottle crocodile!

Join Wasteman Mick on a daring quest as he sets out to hunt down the formidable "single-use plastic bottle crocodile" lurking within the Georges River. Brace yourselves as he encounters this treacherous creature known for its cheap and harmful nature. But fear not! With a swift move, Wasteman Mick seizes the opportunity to rid our waters of this menace. These single-use bottle crocs have no place in our river system and could have been prevented from existing altogether. By simply swapping them for reusable bottles, we can ensure the extinction of these dangerous critters. Join Georges Riverkeeper and Wasteman Mick, in the fight against plastic pollution. Let's protect our precious Georges River and embrace a sustainable future.

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