Meet the waterbugs

Monitoring waterbugs is extremely useful for assessing the condition of our local creeks. Take a look at some of the creatures you can find.

Bell Miner birds responsible for 'dieback' in Eucalyptus trees

The lovely sound bellbirds or Bell Miners make in bushland may be a sign of something more sinister going on... such as Eucalyptus trees dying.


Mosquitoes can form large swarms at certain times of the year in the suburbs around the Georges River. They are as much a component of natural ecosystems as any other native wildlife, but when there are lots of them they are a nuisance for people.

Introduced animals

The Georges River catchment is unfortunately threatened by many introduced animals. Cats and foxes are a big threat to native animals, preying on birds, small mammals and reptiles.

Native fauna

A large number of endangered animals can also be found within the Georges River Catchment.