Catchment clean ups

Horning St, Kurnell, saltmarsh
Horning St, Kurnell, saltmarsh

Corrective Services NSW offenders and their supervisors have been doing a really good job removing litter throughout the catchment. We'll release the full year statistics in July 2022, but here's a quick look at recent clean ups.

Industrial areas often see the worst of the littering and illegal dumping. Fortunately, the teams have been on-hand before any more of this litter can be blown or washed into nearby creeks. Approximately 60 bags of litter were collected in one day, in one street, alone.

Further down the catchment, teams have been working at Horning Street, Kurnell, where back-in-the-days of the Riverkeepers many of you will remember, Simon Anabel and Tony Wales, 15 tonnes of litter and dumped material was removed as part of the saltmarsh rehabilitation. Fortunately, this time the saltmarsh was spared the worst of the dumping, but sadly, in the mangroves it was a different story. A hoarder of everything imaginable made the interesting choice of building an illegal hut in the mangroves. Thankfully now all the small material has been removed with Roads and Maritime Services to tackle the larger items and put them on the barge next. We're certain that the offenders that helped out on this site won’t be forgetting their time in the mangroves in a hurry.

Illegal dumping in Horning Street mangroves, Kurnell
Bags of litter and dumped materials cleaned up from industrial areas
Litter collected from industrial areas in the Georges River catchment

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