Thursday, July 28, 2022

Georges Riverkeeper Executive Group Meeting - July 2022

Graphic for July Executive Meeting with black and white image showing raindrops on water

The Georges Riverkeeper Group met in July 2022 and this was the first Executive Meeting attended by Scott Reyes in the role as the new Program Manager. Highlight discussions included:

  • The proposed engagement of the Financial Auditor, Bradfield Partners and the requirement for a signed letter of engagement.
  • Updates about¬†Georges Riverkeeper Programs and grant projects including the Coastal Management Program Grant, Environmental Restoration Fund Grant and NSW Litter Prevention Grant.
  • Since the Georges Riverkeeper Constitution has been updated to allow for financial partners and a second Vice Chair, the Program Manager received an application from Sydney Water to become a financial member, endorsed by a Councillor. In relation to this,¬†the Program Manager advised the Executive Group of the vacant position of 2nd Vice Chair. The Program Manager sought the endorsement of the Executive Group to present both the received application for Sydney Water to become a financial member and to postpone the ballot process to fill the newly created and vacant 2nd Vice Chair until the next Annual General Meeting at the General Committee meeting scheduled for the 18 August 2022.

The Executive Group agreed at this meeting not to hold an August Executive meeting, due to the July meeting being held so late in the month.