Georges Riverkeeper Executive Group Meeting - Nov 2022

Georges Riverkeeper Executive Group meeting graphic for Nov 2022

The Georges Riverkeeper Executive Group met on the 10 November 2022. At this meeting, the following was discussed:

The Program Manager, advised that the financial audit is now complete. Georges Riverkeeper and Sutherland Shire Council have received the final copy of the Financial Audit report and Governance Letter in early November 2022.

An status update was provided where Georges Riverkeeper has been advised further information is required before the registration process for Sydney Water can be completed. The Program Manager is working on this, in which some of the required information is dependent on the outcome of the Annual General Committee Meeting in November 2022.

The Program Manager provided an update on the Executive Group Nominations received by the due date (10 November 2022), where 3 nomination forms were received and they will be presented at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 17 November 2022.

The Program Manager advised the Committee of the opportunity offered by Stormwater NSW to be a non-financial support partner in the FRANC Conference March 2023. Georges Riverkeeper was a previous member with Stormwater Industry NSW for FRANC Conference in November 2021. For this new occasion, the Committee agreed to be become a member of the organisation to allow promotion of materials for the event.

Lastly, a brief update on operational and budgetary matters was provided and in addition, a brief project overview was provided by the Program Manager on Georges Riverkeeper being a collaborative partner in a research project with Newcastle University and The Nature Conversancy on oyster reef restoration and use by shorebirds in the Georges River area. Georges Riverkeeper is providing assistance with the provision and use of the Georges Riverkeeper boat and Georges Riverkeeper Catchment Actions Program Coordinator (Rob Dixon).

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