Thursday, October 13, 2022

Georges Riverkeeper Executive Group Meeting - Oct 2022

October 2022 Executive Group meeting graphic

The Georges Riverkeeper Executive Group met on the 13 October 2022. At this meeting, the following was discussed:

  • The finalisation of the financial audit and report prepared by the auditor.   
  • The registration process for Sydney Water; we are awaiting final confirmation of the registration process.
  • The River Ambassador boat excursion for Councillors and the proposed schedule for Georges Riverkeeper to undertake the boat excursion for Councillors of the General Committee using the Georges Riverkeeper boat. The time and cost efficient proposal was received well and endorsed by the Executive.
  • Lastly, a brief update on operational and budgetary matters was provided and, in addition, a brief presentation was given by the Program Manager in response to Cr. Stellino’s enquiry about PFA’s testing in the Georges River area.