Georges Riverkeeper Executive Group Meeting - September 2022

September 2022 Executive Group meeting graphic

The Georges Riverkeeper Group met in September 2022. At this meeting, the following was discussed:

  • The engagement of the Financial Auditor, Bradfield Partners, and financial audit.
  • Georges Riverkeeper Programs and the existing grants of the Coastal Management Program Grant, Environmental Restoration Fund Grant and NSW Litter Prevention Grant. In addition, updates were provided on matters relating to Communications and Financial Reports.
  • The progress of Sydney Water becoming a Financial Partner as endorsed at the General Committee Meeting on the 18 August 2022. Georges Riverkeeper are completing a registration form as required by Sydney Water to enable Georges Riverkeeper to provide the membership letter and invoice. This is a work in progress.
  • An summary table of costs associated with engaging an external company for an excursion for the Education and Capacity Building Program for Councillors of the General Committee was presented to the executive group, seeking their preferred direction and endorsement.
  • A number of operational matters were also discussed, including purchasing vehicles, and the Financial Cluster Group meeting and related budget notifications and timeframes.


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