Monday, June 26, 2023

Liverpool Council takes action to boost performance of Gross Pollutant Traps in Georges River catchment

GPT underground at Burlina Circuit
GPT underground at Burlina Circuit - many of the GPTs audited are below-ground.

Liverpool City Council engaged Optimal Stormwater Pty Ltd to conduct a comprehensive audit of 72 GPTs situated within the Liverpool Local Government Area and Georges River catchment. The work has been completed, culminating in the submission of final audit reports to the council.

The audits found numerous key issues:

Neglected cleaning: It was observed that certain devices were not being cleaned adequately, with improper cleaning methods being employed in some instances.

Defect identification: Defects on various GPTs have been identified, along with potential rectification options.

Taking these audit findings into account, Liverpool City Council is considering a range of measures to improve the overall performance of GPTs within their Local Government Area (LGA).

The following considerations have emerged:

Site-specific cleaning specifications: The council intends to collaborate with the cleaning contractor to develop cleaning specifications tailored to each individual GPT location.

Rectification and defect resolution: The council will review the rectification options proposed by the consultant and take necessary actions to address the identified defects.

Independent inspections: Regular independent inspections of GPTs will be conducted, separate from the cleaning contractor's responsibilities, to ensure proper cleaning practices are being followed.

Quality control: A final inspection process will be implemented before accepting the handover of any GPT, ensuring stringent quality control measures are in place.

Catchment-wide education program: To combat littering and illegal dumping, the council will launch an educational campaign targeting the entire catchment area.

Furthermore, the consultant has developed Cleaning Specifications for all audited GPTs, which will be shared with the cleaning contractor. The council is arranging a meeting to discuss the cleaning issues and explore future considerations.

By implementing these measures and providing specific Cleaning Specifications to the contractor, Liverpool City Council aims to significantly enhance the performance of the GPTs and improve overall pollution management.

Georges Riverkeeper and its member councils remain firmly committed to their shared mission to reduce litter flowing into the Georges River and its waterways via stormwater.

This project was funded by the Australian Government.