Thursday, August 10, 2023

New Footpath Artworks Promote Litter-Free Environment in Canterbury-Bankstown Area

L-R Scott Reyes, Cr. Mahoney, students from St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Cr. Barcha, Cr. Walsh, Mayor El-Heyak
L-R Scott Reyes, Cr. Mahoney, students from St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Cr. Barcha, Cr. Walsh, Mayor El-Hayek

Georges Riverkeeper in collaboration with students from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Georges Hall and artist Corey Nichols, aka Born Ready Artist, has unveiled striking footpath artworks at locations in Garrison Point, Lake Gillawarna, and outside St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Georges Hall. These thought-provoking creations aim to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our rivers and creeks while encouraging responsible litter disposal practices.

Designed by the talented students at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, these artworks serve as a visual reminder of the urgent need to protect our waterways from litter. With Corey Nichols' artistic expertise, the designs have been skilfully brought to life, capturing the community's attention.

What sets these footpath artworks apart is their interactive nature. By scanning the QR code adjacent to the artworks, using a smartphone, viewers are in for a delightful surprise—a talking turtle popping up on the pavement! This innovative feature highlights one of the many native animals affected by pollution in our waterways. To fully immerse in the experience, listeners are encouraged to turn up the sound.

City of Canterbury Bankstown's support has been instrumental in bringing this project to life. Their commitment to preserving the environment and promoting responsible litter disposal practices is commendable.

City of Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Bilal El-Hayek said Council is committed to fostering a clean and green City and promoting healthy waterways.

“The footpath artworks are a colourful reminder to dispose of litter correctly and a fantastic initiative to get our local school students involved,” Mayor El-Hayek said.

Scott Reyes, Georges Riverkeeper Program Manager says: “The footpath artworks serve as powerful reminders to the community to dispose of litter thoughtfully. These captivating creations aim to inspire positive change and ignite conversations about environmental stewardship.”

Joining Mayor El-Hayek and Scott Reyes to meet the students and view the final artworks were Georges Riverkeeper Chairperson Cr. Barcha (Fairfield City Council), Georges Riverkeeper Treasurer Cr. Mahoney (Georges River Council), and Georges Riverkeeper Committee Member Cr. Walsh (City of Canterbury Bankstown).

Residents and visitors are encouraged to seek out these remarkable footpath artworks and take a moment to appreciate the talent and effort behind them. Don't miss the chance to scan the QR code and interact with the talking turtle!

This project received funding from the Australian Government. For more info see