Monday, January 29, 2024

New year, new Program Management

Kirsten Spry and Sarah Joyce
(L-R) Kirsten Spry, Sarah Joyce

Meet the new interim management team: Kirsten Spry and Sarah Joyce. 

Kirsten Spry, Georges Riverkeeper Communications Officer has been appointed to the position of Public Officer and Acting Program Manager. She will oversee the daily operations of the organisation.

In addition, Sarah Joyce, Sydney Coastal Councils Group Executive Officer, will consult as an advisor to the Acting Program Manager, supporting the team and providing information and advice to the organisation.

It is Kirsten’s fifth year at Georges Riverkeeper where, to date, she’s been leading the Education and Capacity Building Program. In addition to being an expert communicator, Kirsten is certified in Stakeholder Engagement and skilled at developing Social Marketing strategies for behaviour change. 

Sarah Joyce, who currently also manages the Sydney Coastal Councils Group, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise in Stakeholder Management, Operational Planning, Policy Development and Advocacy.

This partnership sets a practical foundation for addressing ongoing challenges and steering Georges Riverkeeper towards sustained success.

Scott Reyes, Georges Riverkeeper Program Manager for the past 18 months, departed in December 2023 to join the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.