Simmos Beach progress: Shopping trolleys excavated and Bushcare suspended

Over 30 shopping trolleys were removed from the creekline at Simmos Beach

Over 30 shopping trolleys have been removed in just a few hours with the help of an excavator, as part of our restoration of Simmos Beach, Macquarie Fields. Unfortunately, the site has been a hot spot for dumping over the years with shopping trolleys creating an extensive blockage in the creekline. Rob Dixon from Georges Riverkeeper and Mat Misdale from Campbelltown City Council helped to get an excavator down into the site to remove the blockage after struggling with hand tools which were only capable of removing two trolleys at a time.

The Simmos Beach restoration project site is improving well, with plants installed during the summer months by volunteers and Bushcare teams thriving after the recent rain. During March, a team of Conservation Australia Volunteers were also at the project site helping to finish off primary weed treatment in preparation for planting later this year. 

Georges Riverkeeper and Campbelltown City Council will be working together to develop a strategy to prevent dumping from re-occurring.

Due to COVID-19, Campbelltown City Council has had to suspend Bushcare activities. Hopefully, the threat will soon pass and the community can continue to engage in looking after this special place.

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

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