Here you can find resources related to the river

Georges Riverkeeper and other organisations have developed a range of resources to provide information about natural resources along the river and their management. Resources include education modules, factsheets, technical reports, scientific papers and Management Plans.

Education module
Module 10: Water Solutions

This module is largely open-ended and provides the opportunity to let students use their… More

Education module
Module 9: Scientific Water Testing (Field Trip or Game)

It is infeasible to measure all of the pollutants that may exist in a waterway. Instead,… More

Education module
Module 8: Water Pollution

Most of the pollutants going into waterways now come from stormwater. Anything that goes down an… More

Education module
Module 7: Aquatic Food Webs & Life Cycles

To live and grow, all life on Earth needs energy and nutrients, this is why plants and animals… More

Education module
Module 6: Living Things in Water

All plants and animals are adapted to survive in specific environments, which excludes them from… More

Education module
Module 5: Water for Living Cities

People interfere with the natural water cycle in various ways. In urban areas, the water cycle… More