Help to educate Stage 3 students about the Georges River and its pollution problems, with three curriculum-aligned lessons. Students will conduct a surface water drainage investigation and learn to understand the issue with litter and stormwater.

They will learn about the litter problem, brainstorming solutions for their school along the way, and study what makes a good campaign, then develop their own campaign to reduce litter in Georges River.

The resource was designed and delivered by professional environmental educators from Georges River Environmental Education Centre, thanks to grant funding we recieved from the Australian Government. Teachers are welcome to use this resource to design their own lesson plans.

Take a look at our Zero Litter in Georges River project and our Local Litter Heroes

We want zero litter in Georges River! Georges Riverkeeper has teamed up with schools and councils across the catchment to help educate everyone about how to stop stormwater polluting the Georges River. Check out our project website!

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The students at Sarah Redfern Public School at Minto in the Campbelltown area really care about helping to stop litter in Georges River. They've been learning all about the litter problem and have been coming up with solutions.

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Stage 3

Zero Litter in Georges River Education Resources

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