Weeds have a significant impact on our catchments and are a threat to native flora and fauna as well as the health of our waterways. Weeds:

  • smother and out-compete native plants;
  • destroy the habitat of native animals;
  • reduce water quality;
  • choke waterways.

Most weeds that are in our bushland areas today have escaped from people backyard's. Their seeds and cuttings are carried by the wind or animals, or even swept away with the stormwater when it rains. Frequently, prunings, cuttings and grass clippings are dumped in the bushland too, allowing weeds to quickly invade and spread.

Check what weeds are in your area and how they need to be managed using NSW WeedWise.

In NSW all plants are regulated with a general biosecurity duty to prevent, eliminate or minimise any biosecurity risk they may pose. Any person who deals with any plant, who knows (or ought to know) of any biosecurity risk, has a duty to ensure the risk is prevented, eliminated or minimised, so far as is reasonably practicable.