Thursday, September 7, 2023

Weed watch: boneseed


Weeds cost the environment dearly as they outcompete native biodiversity. It is important to tackle expanding weeds early before they get a foothold in the environment and cannot be contained. Councils in the Georges River catchment are committed to tackling emerging weeds before they become problematic. Recently Georges Riverkeeper assisted City of Canterbury Banskstown and Georges River Council’s Biosecurity Officers in searching for the priority weed, boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp. monilifera) along the foreshores of the middle estuary.

Coming into spring is the best time for this as the bright yellow flowers give the usually inconspicuous weed away. In previous years, boneseed has been found on the rocky slopes of the valley but fortunately, no plants were visible on this occasion. Instead, we got to view the beautiful and relatively pristine sandstone-dominated foreshores of this section of the estuary.

Georges Riverkeeper conducts weed inspections of the foreshore of the Georges River by boat
Inspecting for weeds from the Georges Riverkeeper boat

Over coming months (October and November), take a closer look at any yellow flowers you may spot in your part of the catchment and if it’s boneseed, report to your local council. Boneseed has been placed under a strict total eradication mandate throughout New South Wales, as outlined in the Biosecurity Act. If it’s growing in your garden, remove it. For more info about boneseed, including what it looks like and where it grows, see the Weedwise website.