Monday, September 18, 2023

Georges Riverkeeper's Zero Litter project named finalist in 2023 Keep Australia Beautiful Awards

Georges Riverkeeper's Certificate for Category Finalist in KAB Awards

Georges Riverkeeper is proud to announce its selection as a Finalist in the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW (KAB NSW) 2023 Sustainable Cities Awards.

Georges Riverkeeper has been recognised in the Litter Prevention / Clean Waterways category, sponsored by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for the Zero Litter in Georges River project.

Scott Reyes, Georges Riverkeeper Program Manager, said: “The Zero Litter in Georges River project is making significant strides in reducing litter pollution and safeguarding waterways across the catchment, with the support of Georges Riverkeeper’s Member Councils, including Campbelltown City Council, City of Canterbury Bankstown, Fairfield City Council, Georges River Council, Liverpool City Council, Sutherland Shire Council.”

The project has several components that are being undertaken up to the project’s completion in October 2023.

Campbelltown City Council, City of Canterbury Bankstown, Fairfield City Council and Georges River Council have undertaken priority projects to upgrade crucial stormwater management infrastructure and improve the performance of, or replace, problem Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) at critical sites.

Liverpool City Council has conducted a GPT audit of over 75 devices, to gain more information about their GPTs so they can operate better and be maintained more appropriately.

Sutherland Shire Council led the research component of this project by looking at the performance of existing GPTs, the feasibility of installing new GPTs, and, in consultation with Optimal Stormwater, a best-practice guide for Councils to use.

Central to this project is the school and community education component, which has engaged with more than 500 enthusiastic primary school children, with thanks to Como Public School, Sarah Redfern Public School, Wattle Grove Public School, Bossley Park Public School, Connells Point Public School, and St Mary’s Catholic Primary School at Georges Hall.

These young environmental champions have participated in a series of curriculum-aligned lessons, expertly crafted by the Georges River Environmental Education Centre (GREEC).

Through hands-on stormwater investigations, students have gained a deep understanding of how litter travels through stormwater and poses a threat to the river's health.

Additionally, students have developed campaigns and artworks to help educate their local community.

These vibrant student artworks have been brought to life by the talented professional artist Corey Nichols, known as Born Ready Art, at key locations across the Georges River catchment.

Passers-by are in for a delightful surprise when they scan the QR codes located beside these artworks.

Through innovative Augmented Reality (AR) technology, they can interact with 'Zero,' a virtual long-neck turtle.

'Zero' represents one of the native animals in the river, threatened by pollution, and this immersive experience is made possible through a collaboration with Art of Multimedia.

The project received grant funding from the Australian Government.

See the schools and community education project website at